Our next Big Adventure!

Have you ever thought for sure something was going to happen and then it didn't?  My husband and I both really felt like he would be placed in California for the next year of his clinical clerkships.

On the day the placements were announced we were shocked to find out he was put in a one year track in a state other than California. In a program he didn't even apply for. We thought it was a mistake and after finally getting hold of RUSM (5 days later) they informed us why he was put there and that it would be the best thing for him.

Here's the surprising thing: We totally agree.

Are we InstaFriends?
So at the end of this month we will pack our bags, box up our home, load a U-Haul and once again hit the road. We're moving to... MICHIGAN!!!

Have you ever been to Michigan? Leave me some advice!