A Little Trip to the Big Apple

Our first trip to New York was absolutely amazing! My amazing friend Tarah lives in New York and was happy to take us on the touristy tour on the city.

We took the bus & subway in from New Jersey to Central Park to meet Tarah. I was pleasantly surprised by how painless it was to take public transportation, and even happier to see Tarah again! We hadn't seen each other since last spring in Dominica.

Tarah suggested we go to the Top of the Rock to really get a feel for the size of New York. Holy Moly, it's huge! I am in complete awe of the city and people who live there.

Because it was Memorial Day the city was fairly empty and the great weather made it the perfect day to walk and explore. We visited the Library, Washington Square, Grand Central, the villages, and even ate pizza at an outdoor restaurant in Little Italy. 

Our last stop was Times Square for a quick pic and look around before hitting the subway back to NJ. The day was too short! But we had an awesome time, and I look forward to visiting again someday. 


Tracy said...

Hey Katie, so glad to here you finally got to start rotations. Are you guys in a track program or are you going to be moving around? Miss you and would love to catch up. Name a time and I will be sure to be on Skype.

Nikkiana said...

I just had to laugh at seeing the picture of the subway stop on 175th... That's in my neighborhood!