The RUSM Waiting Room...

I haven't said much recently about the med school process because I just don't have much news. We had heard from several people along the way that students at Ross have to be their own biggest advocate, that you can easily fall into an abyss of waiting and no responses, that the counselors really don't give a hoot about the students; we just didn't want to believe it to be true. I always chalked those stories up to 'negative people will just be negative' but somehow we've found ourselves in that endless waiting room and I'm beginning to wonder if there is any validity to the rumors.

He took and passed his Step 1 exam two months ago and has yet been told where he will be going for rotations. Ross has a limited number of spots in "track" programs where you do all your rotations at the same hospital. It seems that if you don't get placed in a track program then you are in a different boat. He has called Ross countless times and each time they respond with a different reason why his counselor isn't in the office that day or how they can't put him through to a counselor until his paperwork is all verified.

I'm not saying that RUSM is purposefully being discriminatory to my husband because I honestly think he's just another name on a paper to them. It's just unbelievably frustrating to watch him being pushed back and back.

The good in this situation is that despite all the setbacks, we've been given the gift of extra time to spend together. We've been able to do 'regular' things again like spend the day watching movies and visiting friends. I've managed to get a good job that has provided for us financially and laid the foundation for a career in higher ed.

When it's announced where he will be sent for rotations we may have some tough decisions to make but until that day we are trying not to worry about it. I can't tell you where this adventure is headed next, but I can tell you that I'm working on having patience in the waiting room.