How to Change Your Twitter Header Image

Twitter profiles have a new look! Did you notice? That new area is called the Twitter Header and you can upload an image or photo behind your profile info.

To activate your header, you'll need to go to twitter.com and do the following:

1- Click the Settings Icon
{looks like a gear}
2- Click Settings3- Click Design
4- Click Change Header
{are you bored of clicking yet?}
4.5- Select Your Header & click open
{any image 1252×626}
5- Adjust the zoom of your image & click Save
6- Click Save Changes
And you are done!

But Wait, That's Not All! 

For a limited time only... just kidding! No, but seriously, that's not all. To get you started I made a few header backgrounds that you are welcome to download and use.

Just click on the one you want and then right click & "save image as" to your computer. Follow the instructions above to install your new Twitter Header!

If you end up using one of these, tweet me or leave a comment to let me know!


How Life Has Come Full Circle {or}

My 29th birthday to be exact. And even though my life is completely turned upside down right now with our transition back to the states, it's also worth noting how many things have come full circle.

I'm living back in Southern California in the same area I lived in when I first moved here. I'm working at the same university where I went to school, driving the same car, and still have many of the same friends.

If you had told me at 19 what was in store for me over the next 10 years, I probably wouldn't have believed it. But I know that I would have hoped that the people who mattered in my life then would still be around, and most of them still are.

In many ways it feels like the beginning again. I just started my second career and with only one income it definitely feels like we are living on a college student's budget. I'm having to re-learn the streets and freeways and figure out where things are.

This time around though I am older and {a little} wiser. And I have a partner and built in best friend to help me navigate {the husband}.

It might sound like not much has changed, until you factor in all that has happened since I was last here: getting married, buying a house, teaching school, moving to Dominica, living in a developing country, earning my masters degree, starting Priceless Design.

If you can't tell, I'm rather proud of what I've accomplished in the last 10 years. And at 29, I have a lot to still look forward to!