Happy Birthday Erin!

Every now & then I come across an up & coming blogger whose writing style amazes me. Meet Empirically Erin. Her posts are always thoughtful, well-written, and occasionally opinionated. I love a blogger who has a view & shares it. Even if I don't agree, I definitely respect anyone who can clearly articulate their point of view.

Erin's sister Emily from Oh Hello, Love is also a blogger {awesome writing runs in the family!}. Since she lives hundreds of miles away from Erin, Emily thought it would be fun to organize a little blogger-birthday-surprise for her sister by asking a few people to wish Erin a Happy Birthday on their blogs.

An even sweeter part to this story is how blogging has brought the two sisters together recently. In Emily's words,
Blogging has really brought us closer together since she started her blog this year. We're totally different people and didn't previously have any hobbies in common. So now we have blogging! It gives us a way of keeping up with one another and something to just chat about.
And this is why I love the blogging community: it brings people together.


Empirically Erin said...

Oh my gosh, Katie, this is the sweetest thing ever (well I guess besides my sister organizing it!)!! Thank you so much. I seriously can't believe it... :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

This is too sweet! I simply adore Erin, and I'm so glad her sister organized this surprise for her!

Happy birthday, Erin!

Abby said...

I ran across Erin's blog last night and fell in love! She writes so good and is so funny! Happy Birthday Erin!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Such a sweet birthday surprise. Erin is always spreading the love with thoughtful comments. It's nice to see the love coming full circle back to her!