#thirdworld birthday tattoos

Can you guess which one is mine? I know, I know, it's obvious. I'm the whitest girl on the island - even after 2 years of sunbathing. Don't worry Ma, it's not real.

It was Clare's 30th birthday on Friday and as part of her epic birthday adventure, we got henna tattoos done at a local "parlor." I say it in quotes, because well, you'll see:

Do you see where how the word piercing doesn't match the rest of the sign? That is because it said "perforation" until a few months ago. "Yes, I'd like a perforation please." The owner's speak very limited English, so I imagine it was a Google Translate gone wrong.

Some other interesting things to note about this sign are the address (no street names here) and also the 2 telephone numbers (which are probably he & his wife's cell phone numbers.) Typical Dominica. Which may also explain why Jack Sparrow is in the sign.

In case you couldn't figure it out, my tattoo says "everything's gonna be alright" in one of my favorite fonts: Carolyna Cute. And the brown smudgies washed away easily once I made it home.

I have plenty more birthday adventures to share if Clare doesn't get around to it first. I've been a busy bee lately: applying for jobs, baking birthday cakes, going on birthday adventures, and finishing up a new blog design for Priceless Adventure. I have several posts planned for this week & hope to have the new design up tomorrow!
How has everyone been? I missed a lot of posts this week.
Did anyone post something fun that I missed? Leave a link!


poptartyogini said...

A perforation is a little scary sounding though I'm not sure if I'd let them pierce me either. The sign is great and it looks like the birthday adventures were grand. Best of luck with the job search.

MostWhatMatters said...

That sign is crazy. I can't believe Cassi even lived there! You guys are troopers! Keep bloggin! I love it.

Clare said...

So fun. I love our "perforations," such a spontaneous, island birthday :) Thanks, Katie!