Journey Forward ∴ 11

So today, I'm supposed to be talking about an accomplishment I've made that brings me closer to my word this year, "Relax." Does going on a vacation to St. Mararten count?

Other than that, the only thing I can think of is I've been reading a lot more recently. In the last month I've read 5 books! I decided to increase my Goodreads yearlong goal from 12 to 20 books because I'd already finished 11 of the 12. I'm a little behind in my book reviews, but they will be coming soon for both the Fifty Shades series and the Maze Runner series.

Seriously though? I feel a little lame for "book-reading" being my biggest accomplishment in the last month. I wish I could say I did yoga or meditated everyday, or took long sunset walks where I reflected on my time in Dominica.

Even more seriously? I wish I could say that I found a job and was able to stop worrying about where we're going to be in two months. And by that, I mostly mean what I'm going to be doing because Chris will be busy studying for the biggest test of his medical school career, while I try to get reacquainted with real life back in America. More than ever, I need to relax.

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Suggestions on what I should read next? I haven't decided yet!

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