How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Blog

Have you guys heard of Blog Brunch? It is a once a month Twitter party using the hashtag #blogbrunch. This Saturday the topic was Facebook & utilizing a Fan Page for your blog.

From the conversation with our fellow bloggers & tweeters I learned it's important to have a Facebook Page for your blog because it gives your followers another avenue to interact with you. Even if you have a Twitter account that you use regularly, having a Facebook page allows for a different type of interaction and also expands your audience.

With a Facebook Page you can add additional graphics & media, post links to sites that your readers might find interesting, and engage in a more casual conversation. You can also use your page to "like" other blogs' pages & comment on those pages from your blog's Facebook Page as opposed to your personal account.

After hearing all of this great information I was convinced; I created a page for Priceless Design Studio. My page is looking a little pitiful right now, as I'm on the only one who has liked it so far. I would love it if you went visited & left a comment.

During the process of making my page I created an illustrated tutorial for those of you who haven't made a page yet and want to learn How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Blog too.

I also want to mention that after I finished creating this page & tutorial, I went in to edit my About information and found an option to label my page as a Personal Blog. To do that:

  - from the main page click About
  - in the About section click Edit
  - in the Category section, drop down and select Websites & Blogs
  - then pick Personal Blog

I'm not entirely sure why it wasn't an option in the first place, so maybe yours will allow you to select it from the start. I hope this tutorial was helpful, feel free to share or pin it.
Do you have a Facebook Page for your blog?
What do you like/dislike about it?


poptartyogini said...

I'm not a face booker but I can see how it would be helpful if I was!

Felicia Moore said...

Hi Katie,

This was a really great post, with information I wish I had when I was first starting my Facebook page. I do currently have one for my blog and I think that I've finally gotten it the way that I like it, haha. It's taken some time though and patients! I'm sure there are still things that I could change like the quality of the header photo, but for the time being it's good. Thank you again for sharing this awesome tutorial! :)

Kendra Larios-Mendez said...

Thanks so much for the step by step!!! I've been wanting to so this for a while but didn't k ow how to go about it. Fantastic! Guess I know what I'll be doing today!

Sandy @ The Scoop on Balance said...

I have had a Facebook Fan Page for about 9 months for my 5 year old blog. At this point, I'm not seeing the benefit of splitting my time between that and my blog. Despite my attempts at getting deeper conversations going on the FB page, my fans don't really seem to bite. I've also not been successful at wooing my FB friends over to my fan page--only about 1/6 of my friends "like" my page.

Then I'm torn about what material I should/should not duplicate between my Twitter/FB Fan Page/Regular FB account and my blog.

Oh and also Pinterest.

It all feels so redundant and requires a tremendous amount of time to try to keep up with it all. It feels like I'm going to my readers and saying, "Ok, now follow me HERE so we can talk. And also HERE. Now HERE."

I'm about to the place where I want to chuck the whole social media idea and focus my efforts on producing great blog material and meaningful discussions in my blog comments. But I'm afraid those days are long gone.

Torn and tired. :(

kelly thompson said...

I am still on the fence about getting a FB account for the blog but this is helpful and great to know! thanks

Lynn Bardowski said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll stop on over and give you a LIKE. :)

Nina R said...

Thank you for sharing! i'm going to like yours right now!

Kate Burt said...

I only started my FB page a month ago and haven't had much interaction from my readers on it. I'm going to give it a bit more time to see how it pans out. But yes, it does seem redundant to post about my blog on my personal FB page, my FB blog page and on twitter.

Sensual Sierra said...

I love this! Thank you for posting this. I do have a page and your breaking it down, helped me to tweak my Facebook Page.

I also liked your page!!

Chasing Joy said...

Thanks for Sharing!

SauvBlancMom said...

This was great! But how do you ensure that you are posting as your FB page when you want to? Mine keeps saying I am posting as mommy needs wine not whine, but then when I like or comment on something it's posting as my personal ID. I've done a LOT of deleting but can't figure it out. Thanks so much!

Hardlyagoddess said...

Hi-I am so glad to have found this- through SITS girls' site! I just started my blog and was looking for a very straightforward tutorial on this- I feel a little late to the fanpage game, but this tutorial is great! Maybe if I get up an running, you can "like" me too!