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Today I reached a little milestone in the blogging community, 100 followers via Google Friend Connect (GFC). There are lots of views out there about the value & meaning of GFC followers. I absolutely do not think GFC is the end-all-be-all of blogging, but it still feels good to have reached this goal.

What feels even better is to see that 126 of you are following via RSS feed and to think back on all the meaningful comments & conversations I've had with you guys! To me, that is what makes blogging fun - the connections & friendships we've formed without even having met.

To say thank you, I've made a free little animated Twitter "Follow Me" icon. In my blog hopping the last few weeks I noticed a lot of newer bloggers have a rather generic Twitter button & thought a Twitter social networking icon might be a perfect little freebie.

Be sure to hover your mouse over the image to see what happens! And if you aren't following me on twitter, the icon below is linked :)

To get this icon on your sidebar:

➳  Go into your Blogger Dashboard
➳  Go into the Layout section
➳  Click "Add a Gadget"
➳  Choose "HTML/Java Script"
➳  Copy & Paste the text above into the widget
{Be sure to either drag the corner of the box all the way out, or select all with "ctrl+A"!}
➳  Towards the bottom look for this text: "http://twitter.com/YOUR-TWITTER-NAME-HERE"
➳  Replace YOUR-TWITTER-NAME-HERE with your Twitter name :)
{ie. "http://twitter.com/ktprice" }
➳  Save

Ta-da! If you use this icon, pretty please leave me a comment below. There is no need to credit me on your site, just let me know you are using it. If you share the icon, please link back to Priceless Adventure, or use these links:

Thanks again for following along on my Priceless Adventure. You guys make my day!

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