Da Party Bus Experience

The day we arrived in St. Maarten, after hitting up the pool for a little tanning, lunch & drinks, we got gussied up for the main event: Da Party Bus. {Pronounced "DUH PARTY BUS."}

Essentially a school bus turned nightclub/bar/partybus, Da Party Bus was perfect for one last party before the wedding! The seats were removed in favor of lounge style benches down the sides to provide adequate space for dancing and/or use of the bright yellow stripper pole.

First stop on Da Party Bus was the airport to pick up some late arrivers. The bus driver also managed to side-swipe a car at the airport. What was surprising was when the party hosts jumped out the back with a release form on a clipboard. I guess this happens frequently when you drive a massive bus?

After picking up the last two at the airport we headed for the infamous Sunset Beach where commercial planes fly incredibly close to the ground to land. The beach area is not blocked, so you can stand underneath as planes land or take off.

What no one told me beforehand is how painful it can be to have hot sand blown on you at incredible speeds due to the exhaust of the plane. Our dear friend, the bride, was actually knocked over by the blast.

I read this sign AFTER standing on the beach as a plane departed. People actually die there every year. How this place is still open to the public is still beyond me. Must be the fact that it draws so many tourists. Stupid {drunk} tourists, like us.

From here, we went to an awesome rooftop Sky Bar complete with white sand and firepits. Sorry to disappoint but I didn't get any more photos. Most of these were taken with my iPhone because my dSLR was not going anywhere near Da Party Bus. Not when it had this warning on the front.

But I promise, we had an awesome night on Da Party Bus! Thank you Kristen!!

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