Pirates of Caribbean!

Dominica has one claim to fame, can you guess what it is?! Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl was filmed here. The cast & crew stayed in Portsmouth (where we live) for part of the filming. According to rumor, they stayed in the Portsmouth Beach Cottages, and you can stay in a "Johnny Depp" or "Orlando bloom" cottage if you come to visit.

To celebrate my good friend Kristen's birthday this weekend, we decided to take a trip up the Indian River where a part of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. Somehow I had never gone on the river tour, even though I pass by it all the time! I even pulled out the good ole DSLR for the trip.

To satisfy your curiosity, I've put together a few comparison images for your enjoyment.

Pirates of the Caribbean Indian River

Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean Dominica

Jack Sparrow Indian River Bar Dominica
I love these silly girls. One of my biggest worries when we moved to Dominica was that I would be lonely. Just the opposite has happened! The med-school spouse community was so warm and welcoming. There is something about being stuck on an small island with similar daily annoyances that really brings people together. {Survivor was lying: there's no voting anyone off!}

Interested in seeing more? Clare has more pictures from our adventure on her blog, take a peek!

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