Journey Forward ∴ 8 - Relaxing in Dominica

Happy Easter! This week I have definitely been working on my one word, Relax. The assignment was to share pins of pictures that exemplify your word, but I haven't spent much time on Pinterest recently (crazy, huh?). Instead, I've been out running around the island with friends, enjoying the last few days of beautiful weather in Dominica.

What I love about Dominica is that there is always a new place to visit. In almost two years, I'm still finding new places to go & new adventures to have. Sadly, everyday the humidity has been increasing. By next month, there will be fewer & fewer days with a cool breeze. Over the next few months, I have a feeling that my relaxing time will be spent on more water-based activities.

I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing spring weekend! If you'd like to catch up on my Journey Forward, here are the links to my last posts. Next week I will be doing a quarter year review!

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