Journey Forward ∴ 10 - Getting Real about Worry

Journey Forward - Getting Real about Worry

If there were ever a day where I need to RELAX, today is that day. Today, Chris takes his 4th semester final exam. Today, he determines if we get to move on to the second half of medical school. Today, I feel sick to my stomach with worry. I know that I have to think positive about it, but my stomach doesn't lie. I am nervous.

The biggest obstacle to me becoming a more relaxed person is: I have trouble letting go of things I can't control. It's a mindset that I wish I didn't have. In situations where there is nothing I can physically do, my brain turns to worry.

by Cory Say via Behance

I'm a nervous wreck today, guys. Since I'm having trouble thinking positive thoughts and prayers, would you mind sending a few out for us?

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