It's a Vacation - Unplug!

I am getting so excited for my trip to St. Maarten! Tonight I'm spending the night at Mary's house because we have to catch a bus really early tomorrow morning. The bonus is that it will feel like I'm extending my vacation an extra day!

Maybe we will get lucky & catch this bus again:

Is it totally lame that I want to bring my laptop (aka Big Mac, Mac Daddy, the Precious)? Yes, I fear it is. Would you like to hear the 'excuses' I'm telling myself for why I need to bring it?

  • What if one of my lovely clients has a design problem, that can't wait till next Monday?
  • What if I have a stroke of genius & need to type or Photoshop it? 
  • But I can't just not answer my email.
  • It will be useful, we can watch movies on it at night.

I think it's partly guilt over taking a vacation and partly separation anxiety. I should leave work & the laptop behind, right? If I really need the internet, I will have Paddy with me (yes, my iPad has a name too.) The funny thing, is this wasn't even a Question until I saw this video on Katelyn's blog today. Not a question, as in of course my laptop is coming.

Hi, my name is Katie and I might be addicted to my computer/the internets.
Do you have problems unplugging? or is it just me...

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