How I set up Blog Lovin'

Did you guys know that I read blogs via RSS? Yes, I'm one of those. Until recently, I exclusively read my blogs using a cool little mac program called Reeder, which syncs with Google Reader. But I started getting frustrated at the inability to pin the cool things I found without re-opening the blog in my browser, and also how frustrating commenting could be. In steps Bloglovin'.

Add to Blog Lovin'

A few weeks ago Emmy June did a Review of Bloglovin' and I couldn't help but wonder if I might like it better. Go read her post, it explains why Bloglovin' is awesome & also the basics of how to set it up. I love the little navbar on the bottom, that lets you click "next" and move on to the next blog.

My main concern was how I would get all of my blogs from Google Reader into Bloglovin' because there are well over a hundred blogs that I follow. But, I found a solution for that. I know what you are thinking,
If you have a gmail account and follow blogs via Google Friend Connect // Google Followers then you already have a Google Reader list set up of all the blogs you follow! Google owns Blogger & is smart like that. They automatically import your Google Followers into your Reader, even if you have never set it up!

I bet you've already put two and two together! Instead of having to add all your blogs one by one, you can export your blogs from Google Reader & import them into Blog Lovin'. Problem solved!

And because I'm hip like that, I made y'all an infographic to walk you through how to add the blogs you follow via Google Friend Connect // Google Followers to BlogLovin'. Give it a shot, and if you have any questions, let me know!



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