Happy Birthday Sissy-La-La!

Today is my little sister Julie's birthday. We are only 18 months apart, which put us two years apart in school. We looked a lot alike when we were younger. My mom says that people thought we were twins when we were really little.

Being that close in age, and having pretty different personalities, we had our share of fights & "hating" each other years weeks days. But I am so thankful to have had her by my side growing up. She was my partner in crime and constant friend. She knows me, the good & the bad, and loves me the same.

She is the kindest, most gentle hearted person I know. The things that might have bugged me growing up have turned into things I admire about her now: the ability to slow down and relax, how friendly and kind she is to everyone she meets, and her free spirit.

Julie, I am so glad that you are my sissy-la-la. 
You are a beautiful, strong, compassionate woman who I love & admire. 
Happy Birthday!

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