Dreaming of St. Maarten

In 10 days I will be packing up to go to St. Maarten! I am so stinking excited about this. This will be my first official "island hop" vacation, my first girls trip abroad, and my first real vacation since Christmas of 2009. I wish we were going tomorrow!

Here are some reasons why I'm stoked for this trip:

  • watching The Hunger Games {they have movie theaters there!}
  • shopping at a mall 
  • attending Kristen's wedding
  • good food
  • swim-up bar
  • white sand
I'm really proud of myself for earning the money for this trip through my design business. I can't think of a better way to reward myself for the hard work. Because whats the point of working if you don't get to spend some of your earnings on something nice for yourself?

And don't worry, I have some awesome guest posts lined up for you while I'm gone. Until then, I'm dreaming of St. Maarten.

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