5 TV Series You Can Watch with Your Guy

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words on Thursday. Your comments really helped me get through the day & look at the bigger picture. You all are so wonderful.

Chris and I did a lot of sleeping, eating, and watching TV yesterday & Thursday. We started watching Game of Thrones and are halfway done with the first season. Let's do a little TV update, shall we? Here are 5 TV Series that you can watch with your guy & both enjoy.

1- Game of Thrones

When I heard people talking about Game of Thrones (IMDB link) I always envisioned it was set in space (why? isn't all science fiction set in space?) but actually, the story takes place back in the days of kings & knights & dragons. It is sci-fi, but it's also old school. Your guy will love you for watching it with him, and it really is interesting. If you liked the Tudors, you will like this.

2- Mad Men

I'm working on the second season right now. Mad Men is another series that I had the wrong idea about. My first thought was it was about comic book heroes. Ya guys, I really pay attention. Actually, it's about the men and women who work at an ad agency in NY during the early 60's. It's full of glamour, drama, and will make you shake your head at how different things were back then. Chris wasn't interested in this one, but it's definitely geared at both men & women.

3- House

Yes, we watch House religiously! It's been more & more fun as Chris can play doctor alongside Chase & Taub. Recently, the drama has overtaken the medicine a little bit, but it's still top notch in my book. If you have never watched House, give it a shot. p.s. It's never sarcoidosis!

4- Dexter

We finished up Dexter a few weeks ago, and can't wait for season 7. I was really skeptical that a show about a serial killer who kills serial killers would interest me. I'm not a fan of blood & guts or scary movies. Dexter though, is just so love-able.

5- Weeds

Weeds is one of our very favorite series, especially the first few seasons. Nancy Botwin is a suburban housewife whose life spirals out of control after she starts selling pot to help make ends meet. This show is hilarious & fun & overall awesome. Season 8 starts July 1 so you have time to catch up!

Bonus for the Ladies- Downton Abbey

I recently finished up Downton Abbey and want more! This series by PBS is set in the early 1900's around the first World War. It chronicles the lives of both the servants and the Lords & Ladies of Downton Abbey. For those of you who have seen it, check out this spoof, Downton Arby's.

Do you watch any of these? Have any other recommendations?

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I have to watch some of these...I haven't seen any of them!