4th Semester Reflections

Every semester, the spouses hold a Farewell Banquet to say goodbye to those who are leaving. It's crazy to think I've spent almost two years living in Dominica. This small island has become my home. I am so glad that we decided to stay on for Chris's 5th semester here because I just don't think I'd be ready to leave in 2 weeks.

For all of my complaining about the lack of Starbucks & shopping, there are so many wonderful things about living here in Dominica. Take yesterday for example. The lovely ladies in that last picture & I hopped on a crowded local bus and went for lunch on the other side of the island. It was Thursday - and we just took off.

This semester was full of milestones for me, but most importantly, I finished my Masters Degree and started Priceless Design Studio. I know for sure that neither of these things would have happened for me back in the states.

Another highlight of the semester has been really getting involved with the blogging community. I treasure the budding friendships I've made with other bloggers around the world. In some ways, I think it has kept me both sane & grounded. Living in a small town on a small island you just don't get to have conversations with new people very often, and I need in my life. The encouraging words & comments from you guys have helped me to remember just how lucky I am to be here.

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