Welcome Clare to Blogger!

I want you all to meet Clare, my best friend on the island. It's been wonderful to have a real-life friend who is excited about blogging too! Clare has been so supportive and encouraging this last year as I launched Priceless Design Studio. 

Somehow I convinced her to switch from wordpress.com to blogger.com, and in the process was able to work with her on a re-design of her blog: C Squared W

The title of her blog is ├╝ber fitting because her name is Catherine Clare Wilkinson (C²W) but she is also married to Charlie Wilkinson, so together they are also C²W. Clare comes from Virginia, where I’m learning there is a lot of southern tradition & manners.

Clare blogs about life & style, plus all the crazy situations she somehow get's herself into. She is hilarious. Our island adventures will get to continue, as both of our husbands were told last week that they would be able to do their 5th semester here in Dominica. Yay!

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