Journey Forward ∴ 6 - Clearing my head

What helps you to clear your mind? 
Where do you go/what do you do to re-center and re-focus yourself?

I'm stumped. Since moving to Dominica, the places I can go are limited. You know, I never really realized this is a problem, but it is! Especially because I need to be alone to clear my mind. There really aren't places that I can go to be alone here, because it is such a small town. I will inevitably see several people I know every time I leave the house.

In America, I would get in the car & go to Starbucks, or B&N, or Target to just wander & think. Here, I guess clearing my mind happens when I'm at home alone - away from the computer. Watching TV (well, I guess that is on the computer, technically), reading a book, or painting my toes. 

Sleep always helps too. When I'm cranky because things aren't going my way, it's often because I'm tired and just seeing the negative. 
I'd love to hear your ideas. What helps you to clear your mind?


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