Journey Forward ∴ 4 - Goals

This week's Journey Forward asks me to set some goals towards my one word: RELAX.  Earlier this year, I set myself 4 goals to work towards.

  • complete 4 or more blog designs per month
  • find an online teaching job at a college or university
  • make dates with my husband at least twice a month
  • read 12 books 
It's interesting that 2 of the 4 goals are aimed at relaxing, and the other 2 are aimed at working. I still like all 4 goals, but thinking in terms of becoming a more relaxed person I think that I should add two more to the list:
  • exercise at least 3 times a week: yoga, gym, something
  • create working hours and stick to them
I have rarely been spending time alone that doesn't involve working or blogging (which is sort of working as it reflects on my brand). Exercising has just gotten thrown out the window. It feels more "okay" to take time away from working to hang out with Chris or friends than it does to go work out by myself. 

How is it possible that finding 3 hours a week to go work out is hard for me?! I just need to suck it up and go do it. 

I'm learning just how hard it is to get a small business going. Even when that business is online! There are just so many things I have to learn about advertising, client management, and the like. I could seriously spend all day, nine to midnight, happily working on PDS things. Between creating designs and working on my site, creating content, advertising, working, etc; I just get sucked in and don't leave time for relaxing. 

This might sound like I'm a recluse, but that isn't the case either. I'm still going out with friends (Pinterest Party last night, what-what!) and going on trips, making dinner and hanging out with Chris. But any extra time is spent on the computer.. not relaxing by myself. 

I think creating working hours might help. Even if they are non-traditional, like 10-3 and 9-midnight. Or saying that I only work certain days of the week. The first goal is to create those hours, and then secondly I need to stick to them. 

I have found a lot of helpful tips and articles at Revolutionize Her, a blog where self-employed women share their stories on how they make it work. Definitely go check it out!

I think the moral of today's story is: I need to work smarter, not harder. Part of working smart is going to be finding time to relax so that I don't burn out. Even if I'm happy spending all my time working right now, I don't want to come to regret it later.

Thanks for sticking with me on this long post. I'd love to hear your tips on time management & relaxing!

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