Happy Friday!

Back when I was teaching elementary school, Friday afternoons would be reserved for wrapping up and having some fun. I would have the kids clean out their desks, pass out all the papers that needed to go home, and hold an auction or treasure box time. Every Friday I would also write a letter home to the parents, letting them know the highlights of the week & important dates to come. I sorta miss it.

Friday Wrap-Up:

➳ Remember when I posted about The Dilemma? After a lot of thought and discussion, Chris and I decided that it would make the most sense for us to stay in Dominica for his 5th semester of medical school. It is not a given that we will get to stay, but Chris marked it as our preference on the application. One more hot & sweaty summer, here I come!

➳ I watched my first episode of Downton Abbey, and I am hooked! I love historical fiction and anything with loads of drama. (Confession: Totally thought it was Downtown Abbey until I just googled it for the link.)

➳ Speaking of confessions, Kristen from Confessions of a Graphic Design Student blogged about the amazing results she got with no-heat curls and I thought I'd try it myself. Total success!

➳ Over at PDS ( ...Priceless Design Studio... ) I revealed my 3 most recent blog designs. I'm slowly learning that it's not always about what I want to design, but rather what the client wants to see. I'm new to this whole "customer service" thing because my customers have always been 10 year olds.

➳ Yesterday at PDS, I also updated my Services & Pricing. I added a few new à la carte items, and made some changes to my custom packages. You can read more about the changes & why I made them, here.

➳ Becca at One Girl suggested I turn my Pin Fact or Pin Crap idea into a Link Up. I've never hosted something like that before, but would love to give it a shot. I know that Wednesday is usually Pinterest Day around the blogosphere, maybe on the last Wednesday of the month we can do a little linky party? Start thinking about it!

➳ It was my mom's birthday this week, and I ordered her a beautiful Katie Daisy print. Katie is so sweet and helped me out by writing in the card for me. I'm sure you have seen her art around Pinterest recently. It is very reasonably priced, and comes beautifully packaged. You should go check out her Etsy store!

Happy Birthday Mommy Dearest!!

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