American Dreams

If I were in America today, I would...

➻  go watch the Hunger Games & sneak in a Chipotle burrito and/or (probably and) Coldstone cake batter ice-cream

➻  drive myself to Sephora to buy a Clarisonic Mia in Berry (because my skin is freaking out right now)

➻  wander around Target & pick a few things I need like new makeup, moisturizer and a pound of Starbucks (& probably a bunch of stuff I don't need too) ((ok, maybe more like half the store))

➻  visit my pal Stacy & love on her 4 month old (there is nothing like a snuggly baby)

➻  eat a dinner out that doesn't come in a styrofoam container and has real spice and flavor (Maggianos or El Torito for sure)

➻  crawl into our gigantic california king bed & sleep like a starfish

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