Valentine's Day Freebie!

A few friends and I got together for a Valentine's Day party this weekend. We hung out in a hot-tub, drank some bubbly, and did a little gift exchange. The naughty cupid gift exchange {basically a rated-R white elephant} was the best part of the night!

I am less than crafty, so I decided to put my design skills to work for me. The V-day coupon book I made was a big hit. My friend Clare suggested I put it on my blog as a freebie. So whether you print it out, or just have a good laugh, I hope you enjoy it!

How to make the coupon book:
Cut out the tickets on the black lines and staple them inside a folded piece of construction paper. Glue the "Love Notes" ticket on the cover. It works best if when you are cutting you leave a little stub on the left side of the ticket, so that when you staple them in you can still see the whole ticket outline. There are also a few blank tickets, in case you want to write your own!

The PDF file is in black & white:
Love Notes - PDF

Or you can download the 3 full-size sheets in color (seen above):
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Just leave me a comment if you decide to download these!

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