Sneak Peek: February

What on earth have I been up to recently? Blog Design! And I am in LOVE. It has been a long time since I was excited to go to work each morning. Even if that work means sitting down in the kitchen at my makeshift desk.

I've been learning so much, and challenging myself to take my designs that extra mile. Like adding posting title styling, pretty blockquotes, or a little j-query drop down menu action! Here's a little sneak peak of a few blogs that are in the works right now:

I guess that sign that you are really passionate about something? The clueless look on other people's faces when they just don't quite get why you are so excited. In the words of my husband, I'm too excited "blog-a-flogging" or "pressing your words" to do much else right now!
Do you have something you get lost in?

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