Twelve by 2012: Wrap-up

How did I do??

1- finish up my 10 free makeovers at Priceless Design
Totally kicked this one out of the park! You can see the designs in my portfolio.

2- complete the Caribbean Cooking challenge from Spouses Kitchen 
Fail. I managed 3 meals before losing my momentum.

3- plan something fun for my husband's 30th birthday
Success! Fun surprise party, check!

4- go to Rainbow Yoga at least once a week
Fail. Once a week didn't happen, but I did enjoy yoga every time I went.

5- organize my messy closet 
Fail. We are moving in 4 months, and it may not happen until I start packing up.

6- take a blog designers course from BDN
Loved this workshop. I learned a ton!

7-  read the last 5 books in my Goodreads 2011 Reading Challenge
Fail. I finished 22 of the 24 books I had hoped to read in 2011. But I did read a ton of blogs this year, and that should count for something!

8- get A's in both my classes this semester
Success! I even nailed a 100% in one of them.

9- complete in my masters capstone project: Globablog
Yes and no. My students on the island still have one more activity to complete, but it wasn't because I dropped the ball.. things just took longer han expected.

10- get Priceless Design ready for it's grand opening
Done! I think this goal took precedence over everything else. I'm so excited for how it turned out!

11- organize a Christmas party 
Well, I didn't organize my own Christmas party but I did make a bunch of cookies to share for the one I did attend.

12- walk at my graduation 
I did, and it was great. 4 more weeks of class, and I am finished! The university let us walk before our degree is officially posted.

Score? Roughly 50%. But that's okay. It was kinda fun to cross things off as I went, so I think I will post my goals for the new year {just as soon as I write them}!

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