I won!

I try not to talk too much about design on this blog, but last night something super-exciting happened. I won 2 hours of one-on-one training from theBDN.com, which is one of my favorite designer resources. I am so excited!!

When I started seriously thinking about trying to make money off of web design, I took a 4 week course from the Blog Designers Network which went through things like photoshop for blog design, Blogger & Wordpress installation, and business practices. It was a huge help to me in learning the "right" way to do things.

At this point, I've gotten smart enough to realize what I still need to learn. So these 2 hours of one-on-one training are perfect for me. I still have some questions about Wordpress installation having to do with trickier things like how to install directories, back up your blog, make blog transfers, and security questions.

Since we are on the subject, here are links to the last 2 blogs that I've designed. They are both totally unique and beautiful. Make sure you hover over the social networking icons to see the surprises I installed.
If you like my design work, there are still 6 days left to enter a giveaway that Heather is hosting for me on her blog, inspiremeheather.com

I've also added some links to my favorite design resources on my Links I Love page. Hopefully you can find something useful there!

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