The Dilemma

Dominica or Florida? Deciding where to go next is turning into a big dilemma. After 4 semesters of basic sciences, the next step is the mystical 5th semester. During this semester, students have to take and pass a big fatty test called the 'comp' before RUSM will let them take the Step 1. Basically, 5th semester is RUSM's way of making sure their students pass the Step 1 on their first try, by giving students 12 weeks of extra testing and preparation. 

If none of that makes sense to you, don't worry, you aren't alone. The big idea here is that we need to choose if we want to stay on the island another 4 months or if we want to move to Miami. 

I imagine, those of you in America are thinking, 
"Are you crazy? Of course you should stay in Dominica!" 
And those of you who've been to Dominica are thinking, 
"Are you crazy? Of course you should go back to America!"
But it's really not that easy of a decision. If we move to Florida, there is the problem of actually moving! California to Florida is a long way to move for just 12 weeks. Would we take our cars? Our things? I've never been to Florida!

If we stay in Dominica, it will be summer. I still won't have a car, or a house with central AC, or even get to go home again until August. 

But there are good things about both places too. Most of the good things about Florida revolve around the conveniences of America: shopping, food, cars, etc. Oh, and Harry Potter World. (Which I think has a real name that maybe I'll find out one day.) If we stay in Dominica then we save ourselves a huge move and all the stress that comes with that and get to continue enjoying this beautiful island.

In the end, what it all boils down to is: Where will Chris be better able to prepare for the Step 1, Dominica or America? And the jury (or juror?) is still out on that one, but he is thinking seriously about it. 

What do you guys think? What would you do? 

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