Anatomy of a Shopping Trip

Grocery shopping in Dominica is serious business. At the beginning of every month, several of the other spouses and I pack up our various freezer and reusable bags and try to muster up some energy for an all day shopping extravaganza.

Because we don't have cars here, a big shopping trip means hiring a driver to make the hour(ish) long journey to the capital city of Roseau. Our favorite driver is an awesome Dominican named Bruno, who lets us turn on the AC {rare!} and drives slow enough so we don't end up motion sick. 

There are several "large" grocery stores in Roseau. By large, I mean that 80% of the time you can 60% of the items on your (already pared down) grocery list. Still, I always manage to fill my cart to the top! What this picture doesn't show are the multiple containers of kitty litter I have lined up behind the cart. 

Are you wondering why I have to go shopping an hour away from where I live? That's because our small town only has one grocery store and I just can't get everything I need there. The prices at the store are also a little high. Case in point? Orange and yellow bell peppers are nearly 70 EC per kilogram this week.. which translates to about $12 US per pound. It's a matter of supply and demand.

No trip to Roseau is complete without a stop at The Juice Man who is conveniently located in front of The Spice Man at Ruins Rock. "Spice" takes on a whole new set of meanings when you consider the last line of his street advertisement. 

When everyone is done with their shopping, the van is carefully loaded up and we make the hour long drive back to town. I have yet to be on a trip where someone doesn't post on Facebook the next day something like, "Hey, I made it home without corn chips, did anyone end up with double?" Good thing we are all pretty honest around here. 

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