Holiday Catch-up!

Graduation, friends, Christmas.. time is flying on our short trip back to the states. Some things I missed: Target, Starbucks, family. Some things I forgot I missed: nice toilet paper, laundry rooms, comfy couches. And some things I could live without: crowds, parking lots, and commercialism.

Most of the trip has been wonderful though. Graduation was the best, because I was able to meet the other teachers who I've been talking to everyday for over a year! I loved putting faces to names, and I'm so proud of us for finishing.

Graduation from APU
(still have 4 weeks of classes left though)
I missed my 10 year high school reunion this year, but a few of my old friends were in town for the holidays so we had a mini reunion of our own. We haven't all been together since back in college. Not much has changed!

For the last few years, Christmas trees at my mom's house have been a little unconventional. This year it was a lime green, skinny, spiral tree. She has promised me that when there are grandkids there will be a real tree. Guess I better get on that.

My mom's two children pups kept us on toes. They are quick to steal any stray socks or unattended snacks. And depending on what you are munching on, the poodle has been known to jump several feet in the air to snatch it out of your hand!

Ian Scott McDoogle

I've also spent a lot of time watching Bravo and playing on my iPad instead of doing homework. And have made several trips to Barnes and Noble and Target to wander and lust. It has been a wonderful break so far, and I still have 10 days left!


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Norm and Cassi Beatty said...

Congrats on graduating Katie! What a good way to pass the time while on the island. I'm loving your hair long btw!

Carolyn said...

congrats on your hood!!! yeah!!!

Katie Price said...

Thanks guys!