2011 in Review!

I've been seeing some awesome year-end reviews being posted around the blogosphere, and am happy to share my own. I started this blog almost two years ago when Chris and I decided to make the big move to Dominica so he could pursue his dream of being a doctor. Initially it was set up for friends and family, but I have fallen in love with the blogging community and am so happy to have readers from all over. Whether you are a new or longtime follower of Priceless Adventure, thank you for reading!

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We moved into a new apartment, that brought us much closer to campus. 
The weather turned beautiful, and I really started to enjoy living in Dominica. 

We went on several beach trips, and I started my second semester of graduate school. 

My first Only In Dominica post went up - check it out!
And I diagnosed myself with CHS: Caribbean Hoarding Syndrome. 

In April, our town finally got a supermarket; no more driving an hour for groceries!
My friend Kristen also came to visit, and we had a great time roaming the island.

In May, vacation ended and grad-school started getting serious again. 
I started posting regularly to my Priceless Tech blog to share my learning.

Most of June was spent back in the states, visiting family and friends.

Dominica narrowly avoided several large storms.
I spent many, many hours building my first website and global learning project: Globablog.
And Priceless Adventure finally got a ".com"!

I took an amazing trip to Scott's Head.
We celebrated our one-year Domiversary.
Sadly, our little kitty, Eve, passed away :(

In September, things started getting busy again with school and RSO.
I had my 28th birthday.
I also started seriously working on my blog design portfolio. 

I hosted a 10 Days in Dominica blogging challenge.
And posted some delicious recipes like this one for pumpkin scones.

I began developing the Priceless Design Studio site on Wordpress. 
I also started my last semester of grad school. 

After months of working, I finally opened Priceless Design Studio.
I was also able to be in California to walk at my graduation.

Every year I learn something, but I think that this year I learned a lot about myself in terms of where I want my career to go. I was reminded of my love for art, and discovered how I could realistically put my hobbies and interests to work for me. I feel like I have been able to lay a foundation for working from home both as a teacher and designer. In 2012 we will undoubtedly be making several moves while Chris begins his rotations, and I am so glad that I won't have to worry about finding jobs each time. 

Here's to the adventures to come in 2012!

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