Wonderful, if not perfect

"That time of the semester" has come early this go round.  We had the 4th Semester Banquet on Thursday night, and tonight is the school's banquet.  It's basically a prom replacement for students who have been living on an island for 16 months.

What makes this so bittersweet for me is that my husband and I will not be attending because he is repeating this semester.  That's right.  We should be moving back to America in 5 weeks, but instead we will be here another 4 months.

The whole repeating thing was a hard pill to swallow at first.  Mostly because my pride was getting in the way.  Being a student is what I'm good at.  I graduated with above a 4.0 from high school, aced my AP exams, magna cum laude from college.. school is my thing.  And somehow, Chris's schooling is mixed in with my feelings about myself.  It's a confusing mess of emotions for me.

Even though I'm sad that Chris is repeating, I am thrilled that I get to come back to Dominica after Christmas.  Although I complain sometimes about the island, I really do love my life here.



Khemarint and Monique said...

I'm sorry to hear that but it will be ok. What doesn't kill you, makes you Stronger! and plus, i truly believe things happen for a reason:) so maybe this mess is a blessing in disguise!

Katie Price said...

Thanks Monique, that's the way I'm trying to look at it too.

p.s. I love seeing your status updates about all the fun you are having back in CA!