It's in my blood...

I realize that I don't talk too much about my family here on my blog, other than mentioning Chris every now and then. This is probably because they all live so far away this year. I miss them.

I have a wonderful mother, Diane, who is so generous and kind. She is hilarious, and I get my laugh-till-I-cry gene from her. My mom is a kindergarden teacher, agility dog trainer, and is quite crafty when she wants to be. She taught me to love books and reading by always being half way through one herself.

My sister Julie is the most tender-hearted girl you will ever meet. She instantly makes you feel welcome and like you are the center of her attention. Julie is super compassionate to everyone she meets. She is a graphic designer by profession {check out her work here} and amazing artist.

I am lucky to have my step-father Peter in my life. He is kind hearted and always has good advice in tough situations. He has a keen sense of intuition, which is difficult to describe but incredible to see in action. Peter is a minister as well, and married Chris and I back in 2007.

My father, Ted, is a man of many hats. He is a drummer, engineer, Harley-rider, and also where my computer and technology geekiness comes from. He is a computer programmer and made sure I was way ahead of the other kids in mathematics. We even had an original Apple desktop computer, way back when.

It's fun to look at the bits and pieces of my family that I carry with me. I am a teacher like my mom and computer nerd like my dad. My sister and I are so very different in some ways, and so alike in others.

Although I dislike the two day trip to get back to California, I will be glad to see everyone at Christmas this year.  We will be in California for about 3 weeks in various places.  Let me know if you'd like to get in touch!


Alana said...

Your family sounds wonderful! So glad you get to spend Christmas with them!

Katie Price said...

Aww thanks, I'm glad too.. even if it means couch surfing for 3 weeks!