10 Days in Dominica, Day Two

Day Two- What has been better than you expected?

From reading people's blogs and the info on spouse's webpage before I came to Dominica, I thought that it would be terribly difficult to find food and items that I would need (like kitchen equipment, home goods, etc).  I was certain that if I didn't bring these things, I would never have them.  But between the opening of IGA a few semesters ago and buying things from leaving spouses, it turns out I have almost everything I could need.  I probably have too much stuff!

Have I showed you guys the video tour I made on my apartment here?  You can see that I'm not lacking in "stuff."  My closet is overflowing, in fact.

I've always been a shopper and although I definitely miss the shopping it turns out I don't really miss the "stuff."  I have everything that I could need.  Besides, I don't think our student loans could handle the weekly trips to Target that would be happening if I lived in the States.

Another thing that has been better than I expected is the friendly demeanor of the locals.  The people here are mostly very friendly and helpful.  They are easy to talk to, even if their accent makes them not always easy to understand.  When I lived in Oxford, I was disappointed by the stoic attitudes and properness of the English.  Here in Dominica, people are not afraid to talk to you on the street or joke with you while in line at the store.  Sometimes the men can be over the top with their cat calls, but overall it's just another aspect of the friendly, outgoing nature of most people here.

Life here in general has been better than I expected, even if the weather is worse {Day 3}.

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