10 Days in Dominica, Day Six .................. Only in Dominica Part II

Day Six- Tell about an "Only in Dominica.." moment.

It's hard to tell about just one special moment.  Instead, I'd like to present you with a collection of photos I've taken since my last Only in Dominica post.

are taxi drivers bold enough to leave you a parting message..

or adorn their vehicles with nicknames..

Only in Dominica would you find a mannequin instead of a hostess at a restaurant..

or paneled wood flooring in a taxi..

or sweet wall carpeting for that matter..

Only in Dominica do they flavor their rum with snake..

or offer Body Gassis Objects Demolisher in a bottle..

Only in Dominica can you purchase tightey-whiteys individually..

or happy pineapples at the grocery store..


Only in Dominica do they screen Harry Potter illegally at a bar..
{check out that menu, btw}

or have disco party lights above the ATMs..

Only in Dominica are there caterpillars longer than my finger.. 

or eggnog 'flavoured' juice boxes..

Only in Dominica (and Jamaica) do they have Cock Soup Mix with Pumpkin..

but the Jamaicans certainly don't have miniature Beyonce the MoFo Chicken's..

Dominica, you make me laugh.


Nikki said...

hahaha, best post ever. I teared up from laughter. Love it!

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

Best Post Eva!!!!

Katie Price said...

It made me giggle too :)

Unknown said...

This is awesome!

Clare said...

amazing collection of photos! SO GOOD!