10 Days in Dominica, Day Nine

Day Nine- Has anything made this journey easier for you?

There are two things I can say that have definitely made this journey easier for me. First, the wonderful group of spouses on the island. Before I even arrived, the spouses here were supportive. The wonderful Samantha was my "sponsor" and advised me every step of the way. I don't think I could have made it this last year without friends to talk to and go on adventures with.

Secondly, the internet absolutely has made life here easier. I can connect with people back home, watch TV online, and take classes all from the comfort of my bed. Back home, I might have checked my personal email once or twice a day but here at Ross it is the primary way people communicate. It is unusual if someone doesn't respond within 5 or 6 hours. Without the internet I would be bored, lonely, and homesick. Sad, but true.

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