10 Days in Dominica, Day Four

Day Four- What has been your favorite trip?

I have been on so many wonderful trips over the last year it's hard to pick between the wine cruises, Batibou Beach, Red Rock, Bense Pool, to name a few.  But I think one of the best days I've had was spent at the Pagua River with Chris and Kristen.  We had breakfast at the Pagua Bay Bar & Grill, and then borrowed their toys to go play in the river and ocean.

We would float on the floaties in the warm ocean, letting the waves take us by surprise and then move over to the cold river and cool off.  The combination of warm and salty ocean and clean and cold river is super refreshing.  Once we were pooped, we went back up to the restaurant for a delicious lunch and cold drinks.  My kind of day.

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K.Effinger said...

The best airport pick up of my life...coffee, beach play, and then more food and drink time. Thanks for making this such a great introduction to Dominica for me.