10 Days in Dominica, Day Five

Day Five, What don't you miss about home?

I do not miss working.  I do not miss getting up at 6 every morning and fighting traffic to get to work.  I do not miss complaining parents, picky administrators, or the paperwork..  but I do miss the kids.

I thought for sure I would be bored and miss having a job to keep me busy, but it turns out I love my freedom. It is going to be difficult for me to go back to teaching next year, and I'm not quite sure I will. I would love to get a job teaching online- either higher education or elementary school.  We'll see what this masters degree can get me!


Clare said...

YES! My post today was the same! I didn't even read your post beforehand... Let's continue enjoying our freedom!

Clare said...

(I forgot to mention how amazing that Halloween costume is!!!!}