Happy Birthday MoFo

Possibly one of the most odd thoughtful birthday presents I've ever received, this miniature version of Beyonce the 5 foot metal chicken made my {birth}day.  If you don't know about Beyonce, you need to stop what you are doing and go read this post and then this one by The Bloggess.  If you aren't laughing so hard you are crying by the end of it, your sense of humor must be broken. 

My friends know me well.  They even baked me some awesome tie-dye cupcakes with the most amazing frosting I've ever had.  You can check out the recipe on Crystal's new blog, A Little Lovely. 

Don't those look heavenly?  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends on this island.  Last year, I described my birthday as "simple" and never imagined what an incredible adventures were waiting for me. 

Not only did my friends and I have a great time out, Chris and I also went on a trip to Roseau to stay at the Fort Young Hotel.  (sorry for the crappy picture.) We swam in the endless pool, had a delicious steak dinner, and the most amazing white chocolate mousse dessert.  The best part?  Air conditioning so cold we got to sleep cuddled up under the blankets.

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