Site Seeing & Snorkeling

Yesterday was wonderful.  I went on an incredible trip to Scott's Head and Champagne Bay and it couldn't have been a more perfect day for site seeing and snorkeling.  Scott's Head is at the Southern tip of Dominica where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

We walked up a short trail to an amazing lookout.  Clare and I are both "semi-retired" teachers who are so lucky to be traveling instead of being a part of the back to school madness happening in America right now. 

The water is so clear you can easily see the reef below where we went snorkeling.  Cabrit's Dive shop also offers scuba diving here, and I can't wait to see this place from a different perspective.  There is a drop off where the reef descends over a hundred feet. 

From Scott's Head, we drove up to Champagne Bay where the snorkeling is seriously out of this world. Bubbles of air stream from underneath this beautiful reef.

The photos of Champagne Bay are courtesy of Kristen Beevers, as my underwater camera is on the outs right now; one too many trips underwater. 

Champagne Bay is truly the best place I've ever snorkeled.  The water was calm and warm, hundreds of different kinds of fish were swimming around, there are multiple reefs within swimming distance, and the champagne bubbles were just icing on the cake. 


Clare said...

I love this post. Your pictures turned out great! It was the perfect day, I'm so glad we went!

Norm and Cassi Beatty said...

That picture of Scotts Head looks like it should be a post card! Beautiful pictures!!