Sick kitty

What a day we've had.  Little Evie wouldn't eat yesterday and we noticed that she was very lethargic and pale in the ears/nose/mouth.  Her health started deteriorating very quickly last night to the point that Chris and I starting feeding her sugar water with a syringe every few hours because she was barely moving and breathing rapidly.

laying on my homemade "heated waterbed"
(the Bloggess gets all the credit for that idea!)

This afternoon a local vet and vet tech both came over to help.  She was given fluids with an IV on our counter and several different shots.  They said that she is anemic and most likely has worms.  Apparently Advantix is not sufficient in Dominica to protect your animals.  If you have a pet the local vets need to give them a special type of medicine that protects against local parasites.  Please do this if you have a cat or dog on the island.

She started drinking water this evening, and I broke down and bought tuna for her to try eating, and it worked!  I read online that sometimes cats will eat tuna when they refuse to eat anything else.   If you know me, you also know that I have a mental allergy to all things "fish" so this was a big deal.  I also hope that she isn't allergic, but I'd rather her be scratching and with us.  My kitties have a terrible food allergy to poultry which makes feeding particularly tricky.

food allergies :(
Did you know that if a cat goes longer than 48 hours without food it's like a death sentence?  So terrible.  I am so thankful that the vet was able to come to our house.  

p.s. Tropical Storm Emily missed us almost entirely. 

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Nikki said...

Aww, sorry about your kitty!!! Hope she gets well soon!! Asking around about kitty blood donation now. In the mean time, let me know if you need anything!!