Another one bites the dust

Ok, I admit it.  My life revolves around Chris's school schedule.  My friend Mark talked about his fiance Denise's dreaded "cycle" in this post recently on his blog, Sixteen Months in Dominica.  He even included this handy chart, in case you are a visual person.

I can pretty much attest to the validity of this information.  The Price household is currently experiencing the Uninformed Aftermath of a final.  There is a special agony in waiting for the results of the final to see if you get to move on or have to repeat a semester.  I'm talking first person here because even though I'm not the one taking the test it effects me just the same. 

As the sun sets on another semester in Dominica (pun intended) I'm trying to put my worries aside and believe that whatever happens, we will be okay. 


K.Effinger said...

The chart cracks me up! What great writing your ginger headed friend has. Almost there. It is crazy how much happens and it hasn't even been a year, or has it?

Katie Price said...

It'll be a year this week! So much can happen in a year..