3 things to be happy about today:
1) my classes are done!
I feel like summer vacation can finally begin.  Getting a masters degree is no joke. 
2) my website is done!
After many many hours of hard work my global learning project website is finally done.  Want to check it out?  www.globablog.com
3) the internet is back on!
For most of this week, the internet was out at my house.  It was not so fun dragging my laptop up to campus so I could finish up writing papers and my website.

The bad news is that there is another storm coming in a few days.  When I say storm, I really mean possible hurricane.  Check this out:

via Stormcarib
I've never been one to really check the weather, but hurricanes scare me.  Dave at Stormcarib says this wave gives off a bad vibe.  Eek.  Storm, Tropical Storm, or Hurricane, any way around it we will probably lose internet, water, and power at some point.  Guess I need to start filling those water bottles!

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