Pads and Pads

While shopping on Etsy for a cover for my new iPad2, I discovered a whole different kind of pad, available for purchase.

To be honest, I had already heard about homemade pads from an eco-friendly acquaintance, but I never imagined the plethora of options out there.  This shop has 6", 8", 10", and the important 12" overnight pad available in a variety of prints and colors. 

Which brings me to another little-talked-about female product, the DivaCup.  To better explain the product, check out this video available on DivaCup's YouTube Channel.

They are regularly $39.99, but are on sale for $32.99 at Drugstore.com.  So, what do you guys think?  Would you try it?

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Tracy Cochran said...

OMGosh I love the totally ghetto video!!!!! Thanks for sharing.