Back on the Rock

I'm back in good ole Dominica after just barely catching my flight from LAX as I sat at the gate listed on my ticket, not the actual gate the flight was leaving from.  When I was a kid, flying was so exciting.  As an adult, it's tolerable at best mostly due to red-eyes, screaming children, and overly crowded airports.

Homework is calling my name, but I thought I'd share this hilarious blog post from Brandi.  Everything she says is right on the money. 

Brandi and me at Pagua



My time in America is almost over.. but it was really great while it lasted.  Being in Atwater felt like summertimes of long ago.  Especially when the fireworks boothes went up!  Staying up late and sleeping in, drinking fresh made sun tea no-lemon-no-sugar, and Foster's Freeze ice-cream sundaes made me happy.  Even the 100 plus degree weather didn't phase me after living in Dominica for so long! Here's a picture of us happy girls on the front lawn.

Mom, Sissy-la-la, Sarah-Bearah, Me
 It was a rare few days to have my mom, Julie, Sarah, and me all in town at the same time.  Julie has been living in LA for a long time now working as a graphic designer, Sarah is living in Seattle and just graduated with her masters in social work, and with me in Dominica it's been almost 2 years since we've all been in the same place at the same time.  What a wonderful way to end my stay in norCal.


Pads and Pads

While shopping on Etsy for a cover for my new iPad2, I discovered a whole different kind of pad, available for purchase.

To be honest, I had already heard about homemade pads from an eco-friendly acquaintance, but I never imagined the plethora of options out there.  This shop has 6", 8", 10", and the important 12" overnight pad available in a variety of prints and colors. 

Which brings me to another little-talked-about female product, the DivaCup.  To better explain the product, check out this video available on DivaCup's YouTube Channel.

They are regularly $39.99, but are on sale for $32.99 at Drugstore.com.  So, what do you guys think?  Would you try it?