I realize this may be old, but has anyone seen this video? The text moves quickly, but is really powerful.

I've spent hours the last few weeks looking into Social Action - Global Learning Projects (GLP).  Not that this video is a GLP, but I'm going to have to create one of my own very soon and I'm starting to get nervous.

Sure, I could make something somewhat easy but it would probably turn out pretty lame [like this] which has a good message and all, but is poorly presented.

I want to make a project that is:
1) meaningful 
2) intelligent   
3) simple        
4) beautiful.    

I need to have at least 3 classrooms participating in whatever project I create before I can graduate (eek!).  It doesn't have to, but I'd like it to have a social action emphasis.  I want it to be relatively simple, so teachers can easily participate without too much preparation or time.  I'm leaning towards something techy and artistic.. but can't figure out WHAT I'm actually going to do, yet.  Any ideas? 

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K.Effinger said...

I have a perfect example for you! An international colleague of mine who is now in KL, Malaysia just posted this video his students made. It is right along the lines of social awareness via technology. The collaborative piece will have to be brainstormed a bit more. We can work on that when you come to Atwater in June.