Break is Over :(

Time is certainly flying.  
Kristen came and went, the semester is already 2 weeks in, 
and I just realized I haven't blogged in a few weeks!  

Here's a run-down:

Determined to enjoy Dominica, rain or no rain, 
Kristen and I headed back to Red Rock for round 2.

We enjoyed cocktails and books, but sadly no swimming.

Why no swimming?  
Because every 10 minutes we'd have to pull out our umbrellas!

On Kristen's birthday, we made some super yummy
peanut butter and nutella cupcakes and went to 
De Champs for a little celebration with a BIG candle!

I took my first transport in to Roseau by myself
to make it to an early dentist appointment.
Kristen and Brandi joined me later for 
a little somethin' somethin' with The Spice Guy.

It was really nice to have Kristen here.  
It's time for our 10 year high school reunion.  
Back then I don't think either of us would have imagined
that we would be living internationally.  

But, such is life.  A Priceless Adventure. 

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