There are some things in this world that are just wrong.  For example, the Banana Quenchi.  Imagine a banana flavored laffy taffy.  Now imagine the laffy taffy liquifying and moving into a soda bottle.  The result is plain wrong.

The thing about living in Dominica is that you never quite know what you are going to get.  A caterpillar in your chinese food?  A banana flavored soda?  I thought I had seen it all.


The Corn Candy.  This little guy baffled my senses.  At first glance you think, "Oh, how cute! A candy corn."
Expecting to have a sweet experience, I popped it into my mouth to find out I was wrong.  This was no candy corn, this was really and truly Corn Candy.  Chewy and sticky like a soft jelly candy, but also savory and distinctly corn tasting.  It is the buttered popcorn of jelly beans.  The maple-bacon of donuts.  The Corn Candy. 

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Clare said...

HAHAHAHA. Love it! Those candy corn are something else!