It has been brought to my attention by Kristen from Louisiana to Dominica that there is a certain disease we all get when we arrive in Dominica: Caribbean Hoarding Syndrome. 

Caribbean Hoarding Syndrome
Definition: What occurs when foil and ziploc bags come at a premium and you own only a few pieces of tupperware.
Causes: lack of products available, gauging prices, student loans, possibly something in the water
Symptoms: reusing foil, washing and saving ziploc bags, cleaning salsa jars for reuse, saving butter or whipped cream tubs to use instead of tupperware, taking home your To-Go coffee cup to reuse the next morning, saving plastic bags, reusing one-time-use foil baking dishes
Diagnosis: To diagnosis CHS, open the drawer where your paper and plastic products are kept. If it looks similar to the photo below, chances are you have CHS.  
Treatment: CHS usually gets better on its own once the person showing symptoms moves back to the United States.  Relapse can occur as the patient ages and/or comes in contact with others with CHS.

Be honest, do you have CHS?


Jessie said...

yep. i had that. :) it went away for me the moment of 4th semester sale, where i just wanted to be rid of everything and go HOME! :)

Tracy Cochran said...

katie I love you! and YES I have this. You need to add - saving the bags you get your laundry back in- totally guilty!

Sheryl Recinos said...

Wow. Yet another self-diagnosis for me during these fun med school days. I just told my kids the other day to save their ziplocs and keep reusing them until there are holes in them... :)